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Pylones Hellas: The State of Cloud Security 2020 [Survey Results]

Large nationwide research on cloud security: Pylones Hellas _ The State of Cloud Security 2020 [Research Results]

Η Pylones Hellas, provider of advanced IT solutions for medium and large companies, with a long presence of more than 22 years in Greece, Cyprus and the wider region of Southeast Europe, announces today the results of a nationwide research on cloud computing security.

As part of the effort to continuously and thoroughly understand the conditions prevailing in digital security, Pylones Hellas, created and conducted, in collaboration with Digital Systems department of University of Piraeus (PA.PEI.), and Professor Christos Xenakis, extensive research on security in cloud computing.

The research was conducted in the period July-September 2020 between high-ranking company executives, executives from computer and digital security departments, as well as procurement managers.

Pylones Hellas: The State of Cloud Security 2020 [Survey Results]
Pylones Hellas: The State of Cloud Security 2020 [Survey Results]

Objective of the research "The State of Cloud Security 2020»Was to assess the changing sense of security regarding cloud computing and to make it more understandable to those in charge and IT managers, the conditions, the reasons, but also the risks, related to work and security in the cloud. Cloud services allow end users, but also small businesses and large organizations to increase flexibility and speed up their processes while reducing costs.

«During the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses and end users turned to cloud services and secure remote access technologies to continue working remotely. However, there are concerns about storage, privacy and data security, as there are security challenges in cyberspace. Who are actually responsible for security? How well do we know the risks in the Cloud? What are the biggest threats to what we identify Cyber ​​Security? " Mr. Emmanuel Netos, General Manager of Pylones Hellas raises the key questions that occupied the research. But what were the conclusions, based on the hundreds of participation of IT professionals?

Pylones Hellas: The State of Cloud Security 2020 [Survey Results]

That's it profile of the participants

More than 350 IT professionals and executives participated in the research. The 67,06%of participants in total is a key player in the IT industry, With the 27,84% to state that he is engaged in his field ITsecurity professionally, while 13,47% is in the IT Networking sector. 25,75% are employed in other branches of IT. Regarding the level of knowledge in the field of digital security, 53,89% of the participants hold a postgraduate / doctoral level in IT. It is also noteworthy that above 57% the respondent is mainly engaged in large & medium enterprises while a 20% in small and medium enterprises.

Threats and dangers

The most important conclusion of the research is that the threats and dangers on the Internet concern us all! That's where we end up considering that 37,54% of the participants has already faced a cyber-threat or cyber security breach without serious problems. However 10,81% stated that it had serious consequences from cyber attacks in its systems or data.

It is noteworthy that the types of threats and dangers are many and even cause the same degree of concern to security officials. It is characteristic that in the reflection on who they consider the biggest risk that concerns them, the answers were varied and the percentages were equal! More specifically, the violation of accounts, services and data, phishing attacks, malware (viruses, worms, Trojans, ransomware) are on the same level of concern for IT professionals. At this point it should be emphasized that on the same scale - according to the answers - are the malicious or careless workers, which is particularly worrying, as a simple mistake can cause great damage.

Beyond that, digital threats are specific and both competent companies and IT managers focus on defense and security. But is that so? As the 48,20% of respondents, considers that greater barrier to protection from cyber-attacks, is the ignorance of danger and indifference managers as well as decision makers. In addition to this concern, its percentage also leads 29,38% under which threats due to lack of resources or infrastructure cannot be properly addressed.

Correlated with the conclusion of the problems, ignorance and lack of resources, the executives interviewed, conclude that the primary measure to be taken is education (IT security awareness training) at a rate of 26,28%. Respectively follow the proposals for bigger investments in Network & Firewall protection25.38%. and Cloud security 19.64%.

Pylones Hellas: The State of Cloud Security 2020 [Survey Results]
Pylones Hellas: The State of Cloud Security 2020 [Survey Results]

What is the relationship of users with in cloud

In the current context of the pandemic, the cloud seems to have entered the daily lives of many users and companies. This is also shown by the large percentage of the class 87,5% respondents, who stated that uses some form of service / application in in cloud and seems to be familiar with its technology, with 33,6% using a private cloud. 82% say they use a cloud service in their company such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Significant percentage of executives (64%) indicates that the company or organization in which he works plans to upload applications to the cloud within the next 12 months. This finding demonstrates the business recognition of cloud utility. 28% state that the implementation plan will be completed by the end of this year, mainly as a result of the extensions brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pylones Hellas: The State of Cloud Security 2020 [Survey Results]

Digital Security & in cloud: Who is responsible and what are the concerns and challenges for in cloud security

Given the conclusions regarding the risks, it is important to look at the perspective from the point of view of digital security solutions and those responsible for it. Who is ultimately responsible for cloud security? Half of the participants, the 50%, considers that the cloud security provided by the provider is not sufficient! This is an element that the companies that provide these services should focus on and consequently cover the users' sense of uncertainty regarding cloud security.

The biggest concern regarding the use of cloud services seems to be lack of skills to understand the impact on safety with a percentage 51,80%. While a significant percentage of his order 52.91% declares it as the biggest security challenge in the cloud detecting and responding to security incidents which comes as a result of the lack of visibility in in cloud and ignorance of cloud security.

In conclusion, we would say that according to the research findings, the field of digital security and especially in the cloud, needs, in addition to infrastructure, training of the technical staff, the users themselves and the management of each company. With many companies continuing to work in telecommuting, education and information are more important than ever.

About Pylones Hellas

Pylones Hellas, a member of the Cypriot group PM Tseriotis Ltd, has been active for more than 22 years in the field of digital technologies and internet security. The company combines services of both an IT systems integrator and an IT security integrator, making it a pioneering provider for the Greek market. Based on the triptych Security, Optimization and High Availability, Pylones Hellas solutions are aimed at large companies such as telecommunications providers, financial institutions, industries, betting and gambling companies, and more generally online businesses based on the Internet. following the above triptych, the infrastructure of its customers, in order to provide in turn, a high level of digital services to consumers. Strategic partners of Pylones Hellas are F5 Networks, HPE, IBM and Microsoft offering numerous solutions in areas such as security, wired and wireless networks, storage, business critical systems, datacenters and the cloud.


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