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COVID-19: The virus survives on phone screens for 28 days!

The virus that causes COVID-19 can remain active in displays smartphone, metal surfaces and banknotes for a long time.

According to researchers from its National Scientific Service Australia, the virus can survive on smooth surfaces much longer than the flu virus. They even found that can remain active up to 28 days, of course in a very controlled environment. Under the same conditions, the flu virus remains contagious for just 17 days, according to the study.

COVID-19: The virus survives on phone screens for 28 days!
COVID-19: The virus survives on phone screens for 28 days!

The team said that the research proves that COVID-19 is "extremely potent" compared to other viruses. «These findings show that COVID-2 may remain contagious for significantly longer periods of time than is generally considered possible,Says the study.

Fabric and other porous surfaces can carry an infectious virus for only half the time, or about 14 days.

The research shows the importance of cleaning and disinfecting mobile phones and other surfaces, while being accompanied by some major warnings.

It was performed at a constant temperature of 68 degrees F in dark conditions to counteract the effects of UV light, away from the actual conditions. The COVID-19 experiment also did not use fresh mucus - usually present on surface viruses - containing white blood cells and antibodies.

«In my opinion, infectious viruses will only remain on mucus on surfaces for a few hours, rather than daysSaid Cardiff University professor Ron Eccles to the BBC.

COVID-19: The virus survives on phone screens for 28 days!

Recently, experts have also downgraded him risk coronavirus transmission from surfaces. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), "Spread from surfaces is not considered a common way in which COVID-19 is spread".

The most common carriers of the virus are respiratory droplets produced by coughing or sneezing. New warnings also state that can be transmitted by air in "poorly ventilated and enclosed spaces that often included activities that caused heavier breathing, such as singing or exercising," according to Engadget.


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