HomesecurityGoogle strengthens protection of Chrome users against malware

Google strengthens protection of Chrome users against malware

Google enhances malware protection for all Google Chrome users who are also registered with the company's Advanced Protection Program (APP).

Google Advanced Protection Program is a free service that aims to protect users' accounts, including, for example, activists, journalists, business leaders, and political groups risk to be targeted by cyber attacks.

Google malware

The APP blocks unauthorized access to registered user accounts, providing additional protection against harmful downloads and securing user information.

More specifically, the program will provide APP-registered users with improved protection against malicious Google phishing attacks. applications and attempted theft data.

Real time warnings

"Specifically, when Chrome detects a potentially suspicious file, users will see a new question asking if they want to send the file to Google Advanced Protection to check for malware," Google explained today.

"If they choose to send it, Google Safe Browsing will scan it in real time and warn the user if it finds that file It is not safe."

The new improved protection and warnings for malware is enabled by default for all users who are registered with the Advanced Protection Program and who are also logged in to Chrome.

This feature is available today for all Advanced Protection Program users. Users who are not yet registered can do so using its built-in security key phone or a FIDO security key while going here..

Once registered, they should use the security key used in the registration process when logging into their accounts to new Appliances.

With this extra protection, even if a Google user falls victim to an e-fishing campaign (Phishing), the threatening factor behind it will not be able to access account of the victim without the key security.

They will also receive additional alerts when installing applications or downloading files that appear suspicious due to more stringent settings and protection controls applications, and because of the many account security options enabled by default for APP-registered users.

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