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Twitter: Limits Trump tweets to his immunity

Twitter has disabled notification options in President Trump's tweet infringement its rules against the dissemination of misinformation.

As we have mentioned, in tweet, The president said he had complete release from White House Doctors yesterday and claimed to be immune.

Twitter: Limits Trump tweets to his immunity

«That means I can't catch it (immunity) and I can't transmit it. Glad to know, "Trump said on Twitter.

Even with the highlight, the tweet is still available to those who click on the alert, according to the Twitter post that keeping visible tweets by elected officials is in the public interest. And attempts to share the tweet display an alert stating "We're trying to prevent a Tweet like the one that violates them. Twitter Rules, than to reach more people. "

President Trump's claim that he is now "immune", having already been infected with the Koran virus, may be responsible for Twitter's labeling, as there have been documented cases of patients with COVID-19 which reappeared.

A man in Nevada became infected with COVID-19 in March, and recovered in April to become ill again in May. The first documented case of coronavirus recurrence occurred in Hong Kong, where the patient showed no symptoms a second time.

The website «Centers Control and Disease PreventionHas limited information about infections, but says that "a person who has had and recovered from COVID-19 may continue to have the virus in their body for up to 3 months after diagnosis, at low levels" and that science "has not said that a person is immune and does not become infected again" from the virus.

A Twitter spokesman said it was not the first time the platform had disabled President Trump's tweet that contained incorrect information. In addition to updating his policies last month that he would point out or remove tweets with false information about elections and election results, Twitter also said it would highlight posts by candidates declaring victory early. And Twitter said in March that it had adopted a "zero tolerance approach" to misinforming the coronavirus on its platform.

Twitter: Limits Trump tweets to his immunity
Twitter: Limits Trump tweets to his immunity

Last week's updates tightened the rules for spreading misinformation and encouraged people to quote and "add their own comments" to tweets before retweeting.

The update also included plans for labeling or abolition tweets intended to interfere with election results, and tweets from political figures with more than 100.000 followers - including President Trump - described as "misleading" are now more difficult to have access.

Twitter has highlighted many of Trump's tweets about infringement of its policy on falsified media and the integrity of citizens and elections, for fake tweets about postal voting.