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Global Privacy Control (GPC): Helps Protect Your Internet Privacy

Some technological Companies have joined forces to create Global Confidentiality Control (GPC), a new model to ensure consumers can feel safe about how their personal information is used data on participating sites. Global Privacy Control (GPC) is a template for the web browsers and sites, to simplify the creation and handling of online privacy requests, in particular requests such as “Do not sell” (do not sell my data to third parties without my consent). This claims that users did not have tools and standards to invoke the privacy rights offered as part of it GDPR and CCPA, so instead of having to click on individual links on multiple sites, users can share their privacy preferences with just one step through the GPC.

Global Privacy Control (GPC)

Rob Shavell, CEO Abine, stated that the creation of GPC and related technology aims to provide a solution to the serious problem faced by consumers in enforcing their rights and wishes regarding the privacy.

GPR will enable browsers and extensions to send a signal to participating sites to notify a request "Do not sell", to restrict the sale or disclosure of users' personal data.

Global Privacy Control (GPC)

Currently, users can enable GPC by installing a supported browser or extension such as Blur by Abine or by going to the official site Global Privacy Control, to download one of the other participating browsers and extensions from EFF, DuckDuckGo, Brave, Mozilla and Disconnect.

Global Privacy Control (GPC)

In a e-mail sent to Infosecurity, Tom Pendergast, Learning Director at MediaPro, said that anything that makes complex privacy checks easier increases the sense that people can control their experience in Internet - this is good too. Pendergast also stressed that this step will be the beginning of a new wave of technology that will allow consumers to ensure their privacy in their online activity. This is a big leap forward in how well users can control their data when surfing the Internet. Finally, Pendergast pointed out that measures such as the CCPA and the GDPR, although they are the foundation that gives people strength, but it is very difficult to implement. On the other hand, Global Confidentiality (GPC) simplifies this issue.


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