HomesecurityCredit card fraud continues to rise

Credit card fraud continues to rise

As revealed by a new study, scams are carried out with credit cards have seen a significant increase lately in Indiana USA.


According to the findings of the research, in 2020 at least 5.000 reports of identity theft were submitted and out of this total, about 1.000 were related to credit card fraud.

News 10 spoke with him Senior Credit Analyzer, Nathan Grant, on the rise of credit card fraud.

According to Grant, during the pandemic many of them users were unable or unwilling to shop in physical stores, so they chose to switch to online shopping, an action that makes them more vulnerable to Criminals of cyberspace.

"You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo victim scam if you shop from Internet"But certainly in this age where anything can happen, consumers need to think about this kind of thing before and after making their regular purchases so they don't have to worry," Grant said.

Grant says it's important to be careful before you fall victim to one fraudster. Some of the key points that users should pay attention to are the following:

  • Select sites with HTTPS in the link. The "s" means it is safe. If it appears as HTTP, then the site is not secure.
  • Never use in public Wi-Fi for transactions. Use your personal data when shopping or make your purchases using your home Wi-Fi.
  • Never give out personal information unless it is someone you trust.

Grant says simple steps like the one above could prevent him risk to fall victim to fraud. "The fact that credit card fraud is on the rise means that online transactions are more risky than ever and all that is needed to leak your information, and possibly the information of millions of people, is to data breach. "

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