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How to set up Google Assistant workday routine

Staying focused and productive while working can be a challenge, especially when working from home. It is important to get up to move around and drink water. Automate reminders for these things with Google Assistant's "Workday" routine.

Google Assistant Workday

"Routines" is a feature of Google Assistant and Nest that allows you to create a series of actions that will be performed with a single mandate or at set times. They can be extremely "powerful" if you take the time to set them up in the Google Home app.

Open the Google Home app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device, then tap your profile icon in the upper-right corner.

Select "Assistant Settings" from the menu.

Google Assistant

Depending on your device, you will see the settings in a large list or organized by tabs. In the interface with the tabs, go to the “Assistant” tab. Skip this step if you only see one large list.


Select "Routines" from the list.

Google Assistant

You can see a section in peak that says "New Routines to Try". If “Workday” is not listed there, scroll down and select it from the “Ready-Made” section.

There are several different sections on the Workday routine page. We will look at everything to adjust it. First, activate the button at the top of the "Enable Routine".

Google Assistant

Next, we need to decide which ones days of the week the daily routine will be performed. Click on the days listed in the "When The Day (s) Are" section.

Google Assistant

Select all the days to perform the routine each week and then press "OK".

Now we have to choose where Google Assistant will play the responses. You want to choose the device that will be near you during the working day. Click the drop-down menu in the “Play Assistant Responses With” section and select a device.

Google Assistant

You can also select the "Get Notified on Your Phone" box when the routine is running. This will ensure that you are notified if you are not close to the selected one device.

Now is the time to configure what will the daily routine really do. You will notice that Google has already set several time periods and ενέργειες. You can edit any of them by clicking the Gear icon next to them.

Workday Google Assistant

There will be different options depending on the action. First, edit the time intervals that determine when the ενέργειες. These intervals are usually for breaks and meals throughout the day.

Google Assistant

Then edit the "Say Something" commands. This is what Google Assistant will report through the device at the selected time. Public affairs examples are "It's time to wake up" and "It's time for lunch".

To remove or rearrange bulk time intervals and actions, click the "Modify" button.

Google Assistant

Scroll through the list and remove anything you do not want by pressing the "X" icon.

Workday Google Assistant

To change the order in which Google Assistant executes commands, press and drag the handles to the left side of the screen.

Google Assistant

You also have the option "Add Action" for each time period.

Google Assistant

You can enter any mandate you can give it to Google Assistant and then click "Add".

Workday Google Assistant

To add a new slot to your routine, scroll down and click "Add New Time."

Google Assistant

Initially, you will be prompted to select a time or enter a custom one time. Click "Next" when finish.

Workday Google Assistant

Then you can add your first action. Enter any command you can give to Google Assistant or browse popular actions. Click "Add" when done.

Workday Google Assistant

Once you are satisfied with all the slots and actions, select the "Save" button at the top of the page.

Workday Google Assistant

This is! The daily routine will run at set times and will help you throughout duration of the day.


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