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Microsoft Edge: Comes with Skype Meet Now

Microsoft is launching a Skype feature called "Meet now" on Microsoft Edge by incorporating the feature into the new tab, also known as NTP.

With this new feature, Microsoft aims to help video conferencing-based consumers get in touch with colleagues, friends and relatives without creating a Skype or Microsoft account.

Skype Microsoft Edge

Last month, Microsoft added Skype Meet to its preview versions of Windows 10 and ability is now available on Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft will add a small video conferencing button to the new Edge tab page when the feature is released on your device, as shown below:

When you do click on the Meet Now button, Edge will open Skype Web and launch screen Meet Now setting. This will allow you to create one meeting and others will be able to join using the invitation link.

Once created, you can use any of them choices you want chat, voice dialing and video to contact participants.

Other features of Microsoft Edge

Today, Microsoft also announced a new feature called "Price comparison" for Microsoft Edge that will help you find the best price. market.

This new feature will help you easily compare the price of a product you want to other retailers with a single click and is designed to help you find the best price when shopping at Internet.

To get started, you need to add a product to a collection and click "compare price to other retailers" to compare the price of one product with other retailers.

In addition, Microsoft is releasing a "Web capture" feature to help you take a snapshot of the "web article" for sharing in a presentation Power point.


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