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Home security Facebook launches Hacker Plus "loyalty program"

Facebook launches Hacker Plus "loyalty program"

Facebook today launched Hacker Plus, the first "loyalty program" for the company's bug bounty program.

Designed according to the loyalty programs used by airlines and hotels, Facebook said that Hacker Plus will offer extra bonuses and specials privileges to bug hunters based on the above reports their.

Any researcher who has submitted or will continue to submit errors to Facebook's bug bounty program is automatically included and classified in the Hacker Plus rewards program.

Facebook Hacker Plus

Facebook has said it intends to "regularly evaluate" researchers' performance security based on the cumulative quantity and marks of their bug submissions in the last year.

Based on the scores, the bug hunters will be placed in one of the five league levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

Each league has its own benefits. The most common advantage is an added bonus for successful error submissions.

“From 12:00 a.m. "UTC on October 9, 2020, the bounty awards will include the relevant Hacker Plus bonus on top of all the bounty they have accumulated so far," Facebook said today.

"Researchers in our Bronze Championship will receive a 5% bonus on every bounty they receive. "Diamond League members will earn a 20% bonus on every bounty prize they receive," she added. company.

"Researchers in our top leagues - Gold, Platinum and Diamond - will receive exclusive tickets for youth testing features and products before their release.

Diamond and Platinum League members will also receive invitations to 'bug bounty events' at full cost (events may change according to company policies for Mesures COVID-19) ", Said Facebook.

Bug hunters will change ranks and be able to track their loyalty rankings on the bug bounty profile page on Facebook.

Additional details are available on its official page loyalty program.


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