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Windows 10: Microsoft improves release notes

Many users do not pay much attention to the release notes of Microsoft Windows, but those who do pay special attention.

For users who rely on information about the Microsoft operating system, the company prepares improvements Windows release notes, Windows update history pages, and newsletters.

Microsoft Windows 10

Reflecting the Microsoft change in the Microsoft 365 package for Windows 10, Office 365 and management tools, Microsoft merges support.office.com and support.microsoft.com into a single site support.

Users should be able to find support and access resources for Microsoft 365 more easily when using one searching machine, according to Microsoft. In addition, the integration of the two sites helps Microsoft to quickly publish new articles and update existing ones.

These changes will be released in the coming weeks, the company says.

Microsoft is also reshaping their structure URLs for Windows 10 release notes, giving the article KB number a more prominent position in the URL and on the page itself.

This change is designed to help users distinguish between two pages with similar titles appearance and facilitate the search for support articles with the KB ID number.

Microsoft Windows 10

As Microsoft notes, the existing URL structure also includes the KB ID that users can copy from the address bar and attach to the root URL, https://support.microsoft.com/help. However, sometimes KB IDs do not appear in the article and only appear in the URL. In these cases, it is more difficult to use search engines to find an article with KB ID.

The release notes pages of Windows 10 currently only support article sharing emails. Microsoft updates sharing options to include Facebook and LinkedIn. The "share controls" will be at the bottom of each page.

There is no change in the current strategy content Microsoft's release note, which includes monthly security updates, "non-security updates" (Preview releases), and OOB releases.

It also modifies the formatting, the UI and the type of metadata available that may affect tools used by the admins to organize Microsoft support and release notes.

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