HomesecurityUSA: Domains are "closing" due to the spread of misinformation

USA: Domains are "closing" due to the spread of misinformation

USA "closed”Almost a hundred domains within a business for stopping the spread of Iranian misinformation.


The United States "closed" 92 domains, which are said to have been used by Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) of Iran in the context of a global misinformation campaign.

According to authorities, 4 of the 92 sites that were shut down looked genuine sites news. The US claims that it was in fact mechanisms propaganda controlled by the IRGC and used to disseminate misinformation. The aim was to influence the American foreign and domestic policy.

The other domains were used for dissemination Iranian propaganda worldwide, in countries outside the United States. Some of the domains that closed were "", "", "" and "".

"We will continue to use everything tools us to block the Iranian government to misuse American companies and social media to spread propaganda, to covertly influence the American public, and to sow discord", Said a spokesman for the US government.

"The fake ones organizations news are used to spread misinformation by authoritarian countries trying to undermine our democracy", He added.

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The search for domains started after information collected by the American technology company Google.

Agent John F. Bennett from FBI, stated: “This search, which started from information we received from Google, was one joint effort between the FBI and Google, Facebook and Twitter".

Bennett stressed that the recent successful domain seizure operation shows its importance cooperation between the authorities and the major technology companies.

"These (collaborative) relationships allow for the rapid exchange of information for better protection against threats aimed at safety of the nation and our democratic processes".

Bennett urges social media users to join the fight against cyberbullying.

According to Infosecurity Magazine, the FBI is also urging people to pay attention to the information they read on the internet but also to the information they upload to SOCIAL MEDIA, as they can help spread misinformation unintentionally. Every citizen is obliged to look for reliable sources of information.

"We must all play a role in protecting the American democratic system from foreign adversaries".


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