HomesecurityDark web: Exposed corporate credentials increased by 429%

Dark web: Exposed corporate credentials increased by 429%

Dark web
Dark web: Exposed corporate credentials increased by 429%

According to her report Arctic Wolf, "2020 Security Operations Annual Report", Was observed this year 429% increase in the number of corporate credentials (with passwords in plain text) that have leaked to the dark web. This means that The businesses are too vulnerable to account takeover attacks (ATO).

However, despite this huge increase, the official reports of violations data are decreasing year by year. Arctic Wolf attributes this reduction to the fact that overworked IT and security professionals decide to publicly announce the most extreme breach cases.

The researchers also reported that in the second quarter of 2, there was an increase 64% on Phishing attacks on ransomware (compared to the first quarter). Phishing attacks are often used to steal corporate credentials. Many of them used him COVID-19 to entice them victims and mislead them. Also, according to Infosecurity Magazine, the criminals took advantage of remote work, as fewer security measures are more likely. Most of these attacks targeted him banking sector (increase of 520%).

Dark web: Exposed corporate credentials increased by 429%

Another major security issue had to do with unsafe use WiFi, mainly since March, when most people started working from home to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

Companies need to invest in network and systems security although, according to the report, 35% of the high-risk incidents observed by Arctic Wolf, took place between 8.00pm and 8.00am and 14% over the weekend, when many internal security groups are not connected to Internet.

Arctic Wolf executive Mark Manglicmot said: “The cyber security industry has a significant problem. Every year new technologies, suppliers and security solutions appear. However, despite this constant innovation, we continue to see headline violations".

According to Mr. Manglicmot, the only way to eliminate cyber challenges (theft of credentials, ransomware, account takeover attacks and incorrect configurations in the cloud), is the adopting a holistic approach to security, including people, processes and new technologies.

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