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Remote work: Most do not report technical problems to their company's IT team

According to news research, most employees who face an issue information technology When working remotely, they do not report the problem to their company's IT support team.

More specifically, the company NetMotion conducted a survey in September, which involved 500 IT professionals and 500 employees USA and United Kingdom working remotely due to its pandemic COVID-19:.

The researchers found that more than 50% of employees said they did not share their problems with technology or the safety with the IT team of his company. While 66% of employees said they encountered an IT issue during the lockdown, 57,5% said they did not inform their company 's IT professionals.

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NetMotion researchers said that while they did not ask why employees chose to keep the problems they were hiding from IT teams, they believe that some problems "self-diagnosed". In other cases, it is possible that employees felt that working with the IT team would cause them to lose a lot of time at work.

In addition, while 45% of employees said that their IT department appreciates the feedback they receive from company employees, 26,2% said that, in their experience, providing feedback to the IT support team “does not change nothing."
In other words, many employees do not consider it appropriate to deal with IT issues, as reporting an issue is not necessarily a guarantee that it will be corrected by industry professionals.

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The researchers also noted that in addition to employee sentiment, the survey also found that only 45,6% of the issues reported to the IT team were resolved satisfactorily.

Among the 82% of companies found to be monitoring remote employees to some degree, the IT team was unable to diagnose the root cause of a technical issue caused by remote work.

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According to the researchers, while there is a lot of evidence to suggest that IT teams contribute greatly to mitigating problems that arise in employees during remote work, the research findings suggest that there is much room for improvement.

The number one challenge people face in remote work, which caused problems for 45,6% of survey respondents, was to ensure reliable network performance. In addition, problems with software and applications also significantly affected 43,2% of respondents to performance and their productivity in remote work.

Cyber ​​security concerns at work remotely affected 42,8% of respondents, while 37,6% said they were disappointed with the performance. hardware and from configuration difficulties.

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