HomesecurityEuropol: ransomware victims do not report attacks to authorities

Europol: ransomware victims do not report attacks to authorities

Her new report Europol on cybercrime (Internet Organized Crime Threat Assessment 2020) it's mentioned that Many victims of ransomware attacks do not report the attacks to the police, making it difficult to estimate the total number attacks and locating gangs.


The report describes in detail the main forms of crime in cyberspace which pose a threat to businesses. According to the data, ransomware is still one of the biggest concerns for experts security, as well as ransomware gangs are attacking more and more and using more and more sophisticated techniques.

In most cases, ransomware gangs do not simply encrypt the victim network. They steal data and threaten to expose them on Internet to push and increase the chances of receiving ransom.

However, while ransomware is one of the most well-known threats, Europol says many of the organizations being attacked do not inform the police or other authorities.

A lot law enforcement agencies all over Europe state that learn about ransomware attacks from local media.

According to the Europol report, contacting the police to launch a formal investigation is not a "priority" for victims, who are more interested in restoring their systems to continue their business and reduce the damage to their reputation. Some may think that communicating with the police can do more damage to their reputation.

According to Europol, this is why many victims turn to "private security companiesTo investigate ransomware attacks or negotiate ransom payments.


Victim companies prefer to target individuals so as not to attract attention. Furthermore, the police and the competent authorities advise the victims not to pay the ransom, but many companies may choose to do so to recover their data faster. This tactic is not correct, as their behavior is enhanced hackers and in addition it is not certain that criminals will keep their word.

However, police warn that not reporting ransomware attacks causes many problems.

"Using private companies, victims do not file a formal complaint, which increases the lack of knowledge and awareness about the true facts of ransomware attacks.", States the Europol document.

Failure to report the attacks to the police undermines any attempt to address the threat, as important information and evidence is lost data.

The report emphasizes that investigating any ransomware attack helps authorities create a better picture of this threat and prevent future attacks.

For example, the portal “No More RansomEuropol provides free decryption keys for various ransomware. The keys are provided by cyber security companies as well as by services law enforcement officers who managed to break the encryption after conducting an investigation. If victims do not report ransomware attacks, these efforts cannot be developed to protect the organisms.

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