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Home security FBI for remote work: Do not work from hotels!

FBI for remote work: Do not work from hotels!

If you were planning to make a change and go back to a hotel instead of working from home, the FBI wants you to be very careful about connecting your devices to Wi-Fi.

The FBI said it has noticed that many people working remotely have started working from hotels and that hotels in big cities have started advertising room reservations for guests looking for a quiet, distracting environment to work.


"While this option may be appealing, access to sensitive information from the hotel's Wi-Fi poses an increased security risk to home Wi-Fi networks," the FBI warned. He said hackers could take advantage of lax Wi-Fi hotel security to steal your personal information.

Because visitors are unable to control the security of the Wi-Fi network they use, criminals will try to monitor their web browsing or redirect victims to fake login pages, which can steal passwords and other information. The FBI says criminals can also carry out an "evil twin attack" by setting up their own network with a similar name to the hotel network, to which guests may mistakenly log in, giving intruders direct access to their computer. .

Smaller hotels rarely change their Wi-Fi password, and even the most secure Wi-Fi hotel hotel is usually safe via a combination of room number and password.

It is not just bad passwords that are a problem with hotel networks - old and outdated network equipment is much more likely to have known flaws that hacker can be exploited. And the FBI notes that even if a hotel uses modern equipment, the visitor may not know how often the hotel informs the firmware or if the default passwords have changed.

Violating a hotel via Wi-Fi may seem low-risk to some, but the consequences can range from data theft to ransomware attacks.

The FBI also gives you some tips on how to protect yourself:

  • If possible, use a trusted virtual private network (VPN).
  • If available, use wireless Hotspot of your phone instead of the hotel Wi-Fi.
  • Make sure your laptop software is up to date and up-to-date backups important data
  • Confirm with the hotel the name of the Wi-Fi network before connection.
  • Only connect to the hotel's official Wi-Fi network.
  • Connect using the public Wi-Fi setting and do not enable automatic reconnection.
  • Avoid access to sensitive content sites, such as banking websites.
  • Make sure that any device connected to the hotel Wi-Fi is not detectable and that the Bluetooth has been turned off when not in use.
  • If you need to sign in to sensitive content accounts, use the check identity of many factors.
  • Enable login notifications to receive notifications of any suspicious account activity.


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