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Microsoft Edge acquires new "Web Capture" feature

In the preview versions of Microsoft Edge, Microsoft has introduced a new tool called "Web Capture" that will allow you to take screenshots of web pages and create web notes.

Edge Web Capture

With Web Capture, you can take screenshots for copying or sharing. You can also take screenshots across the page by scrolling to the bottom of the page.

To use Web Capture, Microsoft says you must download Edge Dev or Canary build. In the edition Dev / Canary, open the Settings menu and select "Web Capture". This will open a selection tool to record it content you want or you can scroll down to take a screenshot across the page.

When you drag the selection tool to the bottom of the page, the page will automatically start scroll and you will be able to capture the entire page.

Once you select the area, you will see a menu with two options: "copy" and "add notes". The first choice will simply add the image to your clipboard, but with the second option, you can add notes if you have attached a stylus to the device.

You can also use the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Shift + S) to open the Web Capture feature.

With the latest update, Microsoft has also added the feature translation selected text on a page and a new one management policy for “Configure Speech Recognition”.

Source of information: bleepingcomputer.com

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