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More than 50% of IT and OT professionals have seen an increase in cyber threats during the pandemic

More than 50% of business IT (IT) and OT (business technology) professionals have seen an increase in cyber threats following the outbreak of the pandemic COVID-19, with 72% finding that their jobs have become more demanding.

These are the findings of a new report Claroty entitled "The Critical Convergence of IT and OT Security in a Global Crisis", which examined the concerns, attitudes and experiences of 1.100 full-time IT and OT professionals involved in critical infrastructure components of large organizations in Europe, North America and Asia.

IT OT-cyber threats

According to the report, 70% of these professionals have noticed that cybercriminals use new tactics to target their bodies during the health crisis.

Among the 200 respondents who are located and working at United Kingdom, almost one third stated that their organization 's OT environment is not properly and adequately protected from possible cyber threats, while one fifth revealed that their business does not give cyber security during this period.

Challenges related to the adoption of new technologies (41%) and cooperation between the IT and OT teams (56%) were also highlighted by UK respondents.

IT OT-cyber threats

However, there were many encouraging signs that the organizations adapted to the new circumstances, as 83% of UK-based IT and OT professionals stated that their organizations were prepared for a potential major disruption.

The five industries that are considered most vulnerable to cyber attacks is the pharmaceutical industry, the oil-gas industry, the electricity industry, as well as the building construction and management industries.

Yaniv Vardi, CEO of Claroty, said that protecting critical infrastructure is especially important in a time of crisis. He added that as the big ones businesses As they try to improve their productivity by connecting more OT and IoT devices for remote access to their corporate networks, they also increase their exposure. The security of the LA must be brought to the fore and given priority to all organizations. Cybercriminals know that cyber networks are covered by cybersecurity solutions, so they try to take advantage of any vulnerabilities to OT to acquire access in corporate networks. Therefore, Vardi stressed that not protecting the OT is like protecting a home with state-of-the-art systems security and alarm, but leave the "front door open".

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