HomesecurityHeartland Community College: breach of its systems

Heartland Community College: breach of its systems

A online attack, held at systems of Heartland Community College, has disrupted the normal flow of his lessons. College officials hope they will be able to restore it soon problem.  

Heartland Community College

Heartland Public Information Director, Steve Fast, said that Normal Police also investigates infringement discovered by Heartland Community College staff on Monday.

He said the school and its IT staff have strengthened it safety in recent months, as the pandemic has made anyone with increased activity in Internet greater target for malicious agents.

"More people are working on the Internet. "There is more data coming and going," Fast said. "They are a bigger target for malicious agents."

According to Fast, data from students or staff at Heartland Community College have not been compromised.

"You have to be incredibly careful, so IT staff is sifting through the network, making sure there is no evidence that something has been breached," he said. "It simply came to our notice then ενέργειες to communicate with these people. "

Fast added that he did not know if the perpetrators had demanded ransom or revealed the motives behind their attack.

"Sometimes these attacks "They are multifaceted," Fast said. "There could be a number of different targets that outside intruders have. "They could be troublemakers, they could look for monetary gain."

This is the second cyber attack on an Illinois college. In April, his servers Illinois Valley Community College were violated, according to the WNIJ. It happened right after the campus closed because of him COVID-19 and changed his courses to online.

Hackers also attacked college networks Oglesby. This caused the site and its email system to shut down. In the directory where the college records should be located, the malicious agents they left a message demanding ransom.

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