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Scribblet: Easily create iOS 14 widgets with PencilKit

We've seen a lot of iOS apps updated to take advantage of the news widget home screen in iOS 14. If you still want to give in iPhone or the iPad a new home screen, Scribblet may have exactly what you need.

Scribblet: Easily create iOS 14 widgets with PencilKit

Unlike other widget-specific apps, Scribblet lets you create your own, with custom designs, text and images. The application is based on PencilKit Apple, so it has the new advanced color picking tool iOS 14 and of course it works perfectly with Apple Pencil on the iPad.

Users can create widgets in small, medium and large sizes to fit the available sizes on the iOS 14 home screen. To design your own widget, you can design with your finger on iPhone or use Apple Pencil on iPad - which is one of the highlights of this app.

In addition to all the colors available for design, Scribblet lets you choose a custom background from your own gallery and also from your personal photo library. Widgets can be imported and exported so that users can share and keep them in sync across multiple devices.

You can use the app to make your home screen more fun or just to write a to-do list.

Scribblet: Easily create iOS 14 widgets with PencilKit
Scribblet: Easily create iOS 14 widgets with PencilKit

"Quickly add drawings, sketches or sketches to your home screen with Scribblet! Write a note, practice the letters by hand, create your own comic on the home screen, draw over a picture or just draw the cool "S" we all did in high school, " reports the developer.

Available for free in the App Store, but some of its features require an in-app purchase for $ 1,99.


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