HomesecurityHackers stole salaries of Swiss university employees

Hackers stole salaries of Swiss university employees


Recently, a new one took place attack cybercriminals with a target universities. However, this attack was quite different from the rest that have become known in recent months. In most cases, we are talking about ransomware attacks targeting university networks and encrypting systems. Also, attackers tend to steal data (students, employees, etc.), before encrypting them, and then ask for ransom, while threatening to leak the stolen data if they do not receive the money.

In this particular attack, The Criminals managed to invade the network of three Swiss universities and steal the salaries of employees. One of the three universities that were violated is University of Basel.

"According to our information, many universities in Switzerland have been affectedSaid Martina Weiss, Secretary General of the Conference of Rectors of Swiss Universities.

As the saying goes, criminals in cyberspace acquired access in universities using login information available through Phishing attacks. Phishing attacks are often the first step in other major attacks. This is a technique designed to deceive them users and entice them to give their own data. In most cases, victims think they are giving the information to a trusted person or company.


Prosecutors investigating the case said The hackers penetrated directly into the university system using stolen personal data. They then changed the accounts of the beneficiaries and stole the salaries of the employees.

In accordance with Swissinfo, cybercriminals managed to steal a large amount of money from employees. Experts say the amount is six figures.

The organization swissuniversities sent a warning e-mail to keep universities on alert. It is said that the University of Zurich was also targeted by criminals, but managed to prevent her attack because his employees realized the phishing attempts.


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