HomesecurityThe leaders of the pirate game team Team Xecuter were arrested

The leaders of the pirate game team Team Xecuter were arrested

Two alleged leaders of the Team Xecuter pirate game group, known for selling console hacking methods, have been arrested.

The U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) said Friday that Max Louarn and Gary Bowser were arrested abroad. Bowser, a Canadian national, was deported from the Dominican Republic and Louarn, a French national, is wanted for extradition to the United States.

Team Xecuter

Chinese national Yuanning Chen, another alleged member of the group, was also charged. The charges have been filed in the district court of USA in Seattle.

Team Xecuter is known for developing devices and software designed to hack consoles Nintendo, including Switch and 3DS.

There is a long-standing community of hackers and gamblers focusing on jailbreaking consoles - such as Nintendo mobiles, PSX and PS Vita - and this usually requires active exploitation of vulnerabilities through software. When a console is violated in this way, users may download emulators and ROMs from various consoles and may also download pirated games.

Team Xecuter offered the SX Pro dongle to enhance a homebrew OS, for example, as well as custom firmware licenses.

From 2013 to August 2020, "Team Xecuter" constantly changed the names of its devices, using brands such as the Gateway 3DS, Stargate, TrueBlue Mini and the SX line, including OS, Pro, Lite and Core. Websites like and were also used as sales channels.

"To support this illegal activity, Team Xecuter reportedly helped create and support online pirated video game libraries for its customers, and several of its devices. business "They were preloaded with a lot of pirated video games," prosecutors say. "Team Xecuter was so fearless that it even required customers to purchase a 'license' to unlock the full capabilities of its custom firmware, SX OS, to enable the ability to play pirated video games."

U.S. prosecutors say there are more than a dozen active members of the "notorious" group, including hunters vulnerabilities, designers website, hacking manufacturers and resellers.

Team Xecuter's blog and eshop are currently unavailable.

Nintendo is aware of the existence of the team, having previously referred Uberchips to court for obvious resale of Team Xecuter products. As the BBC reported last week, it demanded $ 2 million in damages and forced Uberchips to destroy any remaining stock.

Nintendo is currently suing eight other vendors for selling Team Xecuter tools. The case is being investigated by FBI and Homeland Security.


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