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Microsoft fixes Windows 10 Internet connection issues

Microsoft has released a new optional preview update that fixes two bugs that prevent Windows 10 2004 users from connecting to the Internet.

In July, we reported that Windows 10 users saw the "No Internet" message on the Network Connectivity Status Indicator (NCSI), even though their internet was working fine.

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For most users, the above error is more annoying than anything else, but the applications that use the Windows API for detection of internet connection status may be encountered problems.

When starting these types of programs, users may receive "Please connect your device to the internet" errors, which prevent mode of the application.

Apart from the problem with NCSI, Windows 10 2004 users with WWAN LTE modems could not connect to the internet, even if NCSI status indicated that they were connected.

Fixed issues with the new Windows 10 2004 update

In the new Windows 10 2004 Preliminary Optional Update KB4577063 released this week, Microsoft has resolved both issues.

  • Fixes an issue that might prevent applications from opening or causing other errors when applications use the Windows API to control the Internet connection, and the network icon incorrectly displays "No internet access" in the notification area. This issue occurs if you use Group Policy or network configuration to turn off Active Detection for Network Connectivity Status Indicator (NCSI). This also happens if the active crawler fails to use a proxy and the passive crawlers fail to detect the internet connection.
  • It has a problem with some WWAN LTE modems that may not display the internet connection in the notification area after waking up or inactive. In addition, these modem may not be able to connect to the internet.

Now that the WWAN LTE modem problem has been fixed, wait compatibility has been removed and affected users cannot upgrade to Windows 10 2004.

To install KB4577063, you need to start Windows Update and then click on "View optional updates", as shown below.

When the Optional updates screen opens, expand the "Other updates" section and you will see the update KB4577063 available for installation.

Once you install this update and restart it computer you will need to have internet access again.

If you choose not to install the optional Preview Update KB4577063, these updates code will be transferred to the mandatory cumulative updates that will released next week at frame of the October 2020 patches.

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