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How to send email from a different sender in Outlook

If you have multiple email accounts in Microsoft Outlook, you can change the "From" address to a new email. This is faster than switching to different inboxes and allows you to send emails from different addresses, even if they are not your own. See below exactly how you can do it.


Outlook lets you send email from any account you have set up in the email client, but also from any other email address, even if you have not set it up. This sounds alarming - and in some cases it is - but there are reasons to use it functionality.

Quick switch between email addresses

Let's look at the process. To change the "From" address, you must make the "From" field visible. Open a new email in Microsoft Outlook, and then click Options> From. This will make the "From" field visible.


To change the "From" address, click the "From" button and select one of the addresses email that you added to Outlook.


The email address in the "From" field will change and when you send an email, it will be sent from this address.


In the panel that opens, enter the address from which you want to send the email and click "OK".

Now send it message as usual. Will the email be sent or will you receive a delivery failure notification? And if sent, the recipient will it see that it comes from the email address you used, even if it is not yours?

Both of these answers depend on who your email provider is.

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