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Twitter: Removes Iran accounts that tried to "disrupt" the Trump-Biden debate

Twitter announced yesterday that it had removed more than 130 accounts Iran-linked Twitter for trying to "disrupt" Tuesday's political debate involving US President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden ahead of the upcoming presidential election elections of USA. Twitter reported that it was informed of the fact that Iran accounts tried to disrupt the Trump-Biden debate, from FBI.

The tech giant pointed out that it located the accounts in time, removed them from the platform and then shared details about them to "colleagues". The company also clarified that these accounts had low engagement and did not affect the political debate.

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In addition, Twitter stated that it intends to publish details about the deleted accounts and tweets them on Transparency portal's section for influential companies.

In addition, the owner of the popular platform said earlier this year that he expected an attempt to influence the public political debate regarding the upcoming US presidential election as November 3 approaches. In August, Twitter also removed user accounts to send the message that they would vote for Donald Trump, using a technique the company described as "Copypasta".

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The company also described the tweets posted by Iran's accounts as "misleading" as they provided inaccurate information about voting and the electoral process. Twitter used this news ability to place warning labels on many Donald Trump tweets throughout the summer and early fall.

The removal of Twitter accounts is now the second time this month that the giant has intervened to remove an influential company on its platform, following a relevant notice of the FBI. Twitter has previously removed accounts linked to PeaceData, a news site that published misleading articles about the global policy. According to the FBI, this influence was linked to Russia.

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