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Physicists have shown that time travel is mathematically possible

Scientists in Australia claim to have proven that time travel is theoretically possible after solving a logical paradox.

Physicists at the University of Queensland used mathematical models to combine Einstein's theory of general relativity with classical dynamics. The conflict between these two systems is behind a famous flaw in time travel, known as the Grandfather paradox.

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His theory A stone allows a person who uses a time loop to travel back in time to kill his grandfather. But the grandfather's paradox is described as follows: the time traveler went back to the time when the grandfather was not married and even killed him. As a result, the traveler was never born. If he was never born, then he could not travel in time and kill his grandfather. So the traveler was finally born.

"As physicists, we want to understand the most basic laws of the universe and for years I have been thinking about how the science dynamics may match Einstein's predictions, "said Germain Tobar, who led the study. "Is time travel mathematically possible?"

For their calculations, Mr. Tobar and Dr. Costa used pandemic of COVID-19 as a model to examine whether the two theories could coexist.

They imagined a time traveler trying to return and prevent Covid-19 infection of the patient-zero.

Einstein's theory allows for the possibility of time travel, but the science of dynamics would mean that the fundamental could not be inserted sequence of facts.

This is because if the time traveler finally manages to prevent the virus from spreading, then he will eliminate the original motivation of time travel.

"In the COVID-19 patient zero example, you can try to stop the patient from becoming infected, but this way you will 'catch the virus' and become the zero-patient or someone else," he said. Tobar.

"No matter what you did, the obvious facts will be re-evaluated around you. That would mean that - regardless of actions you - the pandemic would happen, motivating your younger self to come back and stop it. The Facts they will always be adapted to avoid any inconsistency. "

“The range of mathematical processes we have discovered shows that time travel is free will is logically possible in our universe without any paradoxes, "said Dr. Fabio Costa, a physicist at the University of Queensland who oversees the research.


  1. From what I know with the theory of Relativity you can only go to the Future (just burdening if you can do it time for yourself).
    And then you stay there (like it or not).
    The rest are rather nice theories.


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