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Find out why your iPhone is running low on battery power

It seems that some iOS 14 users are having problems with their battery. IPhones now discharge at a much faster rate.

But what is wrong? An application, is it a battery problem or an iOS 14 error? We will help you determine for yourself problem using the built-in tools iOS 14.

iPhone battery

Simply put, you are looking for one of four things.

  • Damaged battery: If the maximum capacity is below 80 percent, the battery is old and needs to be replaced
  • Charging issue: You forgot to charge it device or do you charge it too often? Yes the problem can be that simple
  • An application running in the background: An application running in the background consumes energy when not in use (you need to distinguish which ones applications are designed to run on background - such as music players - and not designed for that purpose)
  • An iOS Error: If not related to an app, it may be difficult to detect but this may be the problem

We recommend that you restart your iPhone before you see what is happening with the battery and get some specific habits in relation to charging it mobile your. For example, you need to charge the phone when the battery has reached 15% or less.

You should be familiar with the screen Battery in Settings.

I also suggest you take some screenshots so you can look back at the previous days. This can be very convenient as soon as you start making changes so you can compare the battery status!

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