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Apple Watch: What is the best thing to buy today?

If you have iPhone, the Apple Watch is the best watch to wear with it, but with so many options how do you find the one that suits you? See below to reach the best choice for you.

Apple Watch
Apple Watch: What is the best thing to buy today?

Apple Watch Series 3

For many, Series 3 is a top choice, at very good prices, especially if you want a basic program monitoring fitness, which will work well with an iPhone. You can also find it now for less than $ 199 if you do not get it directly from Apple.

However, its downside is that it is older. If you have tried the newer watches, you will notice that this is somewhat "ancient" and does not have any of the fancy new features like electrocardiograms or detection fall. But it syncs seamlessly with your phone, provides alerts, and is waterproof.

Apple Watch SE

It is very similar to the Series 5 and 6. Apple has removed some popular features, such as the screen always on and ECG measurements.

It's definitely a better watch than the Series 3, with features like the upgraded Retina display, a newer Processor, a drop detector, more memory and a powerful speaker.

Apple Watch Series 6

This year, the newest model 6 brings the measurement of oxygen in the blood. This is not necessarily a "new" feature - Garmin has been able to take wrist-based SpO2 optical measurements on fitness trackers for years - but it is one step closer to a more complete and capable fitness tracker, whether you want to locate the sleep apnea, follow the warning updates Covid-19 or start altitude training for your sport.

The watch constantly monitors your SpO2 while you sleep and you can also take measurements during the day. You will need slightly faster charging times if you use your watch to monitor your sleep because the battery life is still not good.

Apple Watch: What is the best thing to buy today?

Apple Watch Series 5

This is a difficult proposition, because the company no longer sells the Watch 5. But if you can find a version at a price similar to that of the SE, you should get it. The SE is just a Series 5 with some of the best features, such as the crystal display, the electrical ECG sensor and the always-active display.

Series 1 and 2

It's been years since we've seen stores sell Series 1 and 2. But if you look at them on resale sites, they probably aren't worth the price. Family Setup only works on versions 4 and above, so you can not choose them as cheaper options for very large or very small members of your family.

The Apple Watch Series 1 is not waterproof and no watch has mobile capability. They are also not compatible with WatchOS 7, so you will miss many of the newer features of the watch.