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VMware: Acquires software maker SaltStack

By acquiring it Saltstack, VMware said it will extend its automation capabilities beyond infrastructure to software and packages in virtual machines and containers.

VMware says it plans to acquire SaltStack, an automation software maker, to bolster its portfolio in cloud. However, its financial terms agreement were not immediately disclosed.

VMware: Acquires software maker SaltStack

The company announced the acquisition along with a series of platforms and product updates dating back to the company's virtual event VMworld this week.

SaltStack is the company behind the hugely popular open source software Salt, which is used by IT administrators to handle a range of remote execution tasks. With the acquisition of SaltStack, VMware said it will be able to extend automation capabilities beyond software infrastructure and packages to virtual machines and containers.

The company also plans to use SaltStack to upgrade its cloud management suite vRealize with end-to-end automation and integrated configuration management.

«These software configuration management capabilities will help us meet the full range of customer automation needs and further enhance our customers' ability to automate the development and configuration of infrastructure platforms, both within and in the cloud with VMware vRealize Automation, "He said Ajay singh, SVP and GM of the company's cloud management business unit.

VMware: Acquires software maker SaltStack

"In addition, SaltStack offers strong configuration compatibility and vulnerability management capabilities that will enable vRealize to help customers address their SecOps practices after closing."

VMware said it was committed to retaining the SaltStack open source community after the deal was completed, with Singh noting that it would fully support SaltStack's open source project. In addition to automation and configuration, SaltStack is also known for its suite SecOps, which aims to help IT and security teams identify and repair compliance issues and vulnerabilities.