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Google: Strict reforms for sexual harassment

More than a year after Google was the subject of legal action against abuse sexual senior executives, the company settled earlier this month treatment with promises of quick reforms.

This includes not only a $ 310 million commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion initiatives, but also requires the company to make sweeping reforms to its domestic policies on sexual misconduct, discrimination and retaliation. Google, therefore, will carry out strict reforms of its domestic policy on sexual harassment.

Google: Strict reforms for sexual harassment

In particular, the settlement of a 177-page settlement obliges Google and the parent company A in more than 80 policy changes. The company had decided in 2018 to end the mandatory arbitration for full-time employees at Google, but has now expanded to include all of its employees, including contractors, as well as those working in Alphabet's "Other Bets" divisions. .

The Extensive Settlement aims to serve as an example for Silicon Valley, with the Julie Goldsmith Resir, a lawyer representing the Google shareholders who filed the lawsuit, told CNBC:

«The excuse has always been that these were just a few rotten apples. This is the first time they have said in detail that "it is bigger than that and we will not allow it".

Alphabet has also agreed to review their use NDAs, which could be used by executives and those in power to silence other officials' complaints of discrimination and harassment. Employees will now have the opportunity to discuss events related to such incidents.

Google executives, including CEO Sundar PichaiIn Head of Global Affairs Kent Walker, And his SVP Chief Engineer Jen Fitzpatrick, will also be not only part of the newly established Council for Diversity, Equality and Integration, but will also be responsible for implementing Council initiatives.

Google: Strict reforms for sexual harassment

A new "rapid response team" will be responsible for handling complaints against senior executives, while at the same time creating new ones tools for monitoring of employees' interactions with HR.

The company has also committed itself to a policy of not providing redundancy packages to employees investigated for harassment or discrimination, which was the cause of the infamous incident following its $ 90 million retirement package. Andy Rubin, despite allegations of sexual misconduct, according to androidcentral.