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NatWest: Provides its customers with free antivirus protection in partnership with Malwarebytes

National Westminster (NatWest) Bank customers can now get a free copy of their Malwarebytes Premium subscription for up to 10 devices. NatWest is a leading UK bank with over 7,5 million customers and 850.000 small business accounts. In a press release, Alasdair MacFarlane, head of prevention fraud told NatWest that the bank partnered with Malwarebytes to provide free antivirus protection to its customers.

In particular, MacFarlane stated that its maintenance security of customers is of utmost importance to the bank. He even stressed that this is the only bank in United Kingdom which offers free antivirus protection to its customers and works with Malwarebytes for this purpose.

The news comes at a time when cyber attacks have increased significantly, especially after the outbreak of its pandemic COVID-19, with the ransomware gangs targeting companies worldwide on a daily basis.


In addition, Marcin Kleczynski, CEO of Malwarebytes, said in a statement that the provision of digital protection, productivity and customer satisfaction is increasingly important for companies and consumers as the threat landscape continues to evolve rapidly and become increasingly complex. Kleczynski stressed that Malwarebytes has been a security "champion" since its inception and its members are excited to work with innovative, socially responsible organizations such as the NatWest Group that do everything possible to ensure the safety of their customers. .

According to BleepingComputer, so far, there have been over 100.000 downloads of premium antivirus protection from NatWest customers. However, NatWest is not limited to this, but has other plans to raise safety awareness and adoption rates. malware, by its customers. The offer is also available to NatWest subsidiary bank customers - Royal Bank of Scotland, Isle of Man Bank, NatWest International and Ulster Bank.

But how do you get the free Malwarebytes Premium offer?

If you are a NatWest customer, you can download Malwarebytes for free by following these steps:

  • Open the site and sign in to your account.
  • Once connected, click the tab "Security" in the left pane. Scroll down to the section “Download Malwarebytes Premium”.
NatWest-free antivirus protection
  • Clicking on “Get Malwarebytes Coupon Password”, a coupon code that can be applied for a Malwarebytes premium license will be displayed.
antivirus protection from Malwarebytes
  • By clicking on the link “Creating a Malwarebytes Account”, will take you to a page asking you to sign up or sign in to an existing Malwarebytes account.
antivirus protection from Malwarebytes
  • Once you have created an account (or logged in to an existing account), you can paste the coupon code into the corresponding field.
  • By clicking on the option "Activate subscription" After entering a valid coupon code, a Malwarebytes Premium license key will be generated. The license covers up to 10 devices running operating systems Windows, Apple iOS / OS X, Android and Chrome OS.
NatWest-antivirus protection against Malwarebytes
  • Click the button "Activation" and follow any e-mail that may be sent to newly created Malwarebytes accounts.
  • Then click the button “Download” on the same page to get a copy of Malwarebytes. Once downloaded, install Malwarebytes on your computer.
  • The installation wizard will ask you to select free, trial, premium use. Click the button "Activate license" in Malwarebytes Premium.
  • In this screen, you will enter the license key that you previously created. Next, click the button "Activation".
  • Somewhere here the process of downloading free antivirus protection is completed. You can also scan by clicking "Scan" to see if the program detects malicious files.
antivirus protection

You should also keep in mind that in some cases, such as on Mac OS X devices, you may be asked to optionally grant the application full disk access before full protection. If this happens, grant the application the necessary permissions, as you would in any trusted application.


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