HomesecuritySecurity breach at Kylie Cosmetics exposes customer data

Security breach at Kylie Cosmetics exposes customer data

As announced by Kylie Cosmetics, one infringement held by the company that manages its e-commerce platform, Shopify, may affect its customers.

Kylie Jenner

Shopify announced on Tuesday that data her clients were likely to be exposed after two of her employees attempted to steal transaction records.

Kylie Cosmetics sent out a newsletter e-mail "Shopify informed us that this incident affected names, addresses, emails, product orders and the last four digits of our customers' credit cards," she told customers about the breach.

However, full payment details were not violated.

 "Shopify has announced that Kylie Cosmetics is not the only company affected by this incident, so you may receive alerts and from other companies with which you have made online purchases ", adds the e-mail.

Shopify has terminated access to network for the employees involved in the incident, who even belonged to the support team.

Shopify is now working with FBI and other international organizations to further investigate the incident.

Kylie Jenner started her cosmetics company with her hugely popular lipstick line, eventually expanding into a wide range of makeup products. The series has been a huge success among its fans and includes various products that have been named after Kylie Jenner's family members.


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