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Remote work: Many employees handle corporate data on their personal devices

According to news research of the gadget security company "Protect Your Bubble", one in five (20%) employees in the UK have downloaded sensitive or confidential corporate data to their personal devices during remote work as a result of their pandemic COVID-19. In addition, 40% of respondents admitted that there was no password protection either access nor updated security installed on these devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The survey, which involved 2000 UK industry workers, looked at workers' experiences during remote work.

Other surveys conducted this year also highlighted that most employees adopt frivolous and erroneous behaviors in remote work, thus paving the way for cyber attacks to the detriment of their companies.

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The survey also found that younger employees are more likely to adopt bad practices. cyber security, as almost 30% of respondents under the age of 24 reported having used personal devices for work purposes in the last six months. In addition, half of them stated that they did not have it installed software password protection or security software on these devices.

Older employees, on the other hand, have been shown to have a more disciplined approach to cybersecurity, with 8% of employees aged 45-54 and over 55 handling corporate data on their personal devices at work since home.

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The areas that had the worst records with staff working remotely handling sensitive or confidential corporate data on personal devices during the lockdown were HR (22%), IT, telecommunications (21,4%) and finance services (21,4%).

A particularly worrying finding of the research was that in the healthcare sector there was also a high percentage of employees (20%) who handled corporate data on devices without having any software installed protection with password or security software. This is despite the fact that he is increasingly at the center of cyber attacks.

James Brown, director of "Protect Your Bubble", commented on the research, noting the following: "It is clear from the survey results that many UK companies need to address their cyber security vulnerabilities and adapt their protocols, given that more and more workers are working from home.". Brown also stressed that along with more thorough staff training and the issuance of company-owned devices, insurance is also the key to ensuring that employees can remain productive and safe in remote work, even in the event of loss. , theft or accident.

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