HomesecurityScotland: Police to set up Cybercrime Center of Excellence!

Scotland: Police to set up Cybercrime Center of Excellence!

In Scotland, the police will set up a Cybercrime Center of Excellence, staffed by a specialist staff, which will work to assist in the fight against cybercrime, such as child sexual abuse, fraud and exchange obscene and controversial photos.

According to the BBC, the Cybercrime Center of Excellence being set up by the Scottish Police will have at least 150 qualified staff, bringing together 100 police officers already working on cybercrime and an additional 50 employees. The strategy will be presented to the Scottish Police Board within a week.

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Malcolm Graham, the deputy chief of police, said the nature of the crime was changing and that the strategy of the Scottish police should change. THE online "People" is becoming more and more part of the front line of policing. Graham added that in addition to safety of people on the streets, officers and staff keep children safe in computers and smartphone in every community in Scotland.

In addition, Jake Moore, an expert in its field cyber security to ESET and its former member Dorset Police Digital Forensics Unit, pointed out that digital examinations with electronic data have become part of the daily investigations, however the police face huge limitations, such as the lack of financial resources.

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Moore also noted that there has been a slow recovery in cybercrime for some time, and therefore it is impressive that Scotland is a leader in this field. Recognizing this change is the first step, but the real proof is what power can achieve with these resources. His pandemic COVID-19: and subsequent lockdowns have led to a sharp rise in cybercrime, so, according to Moore, it is unlikely that the level of cybercrime, which police are called upon to deal with on a daily basis, will fall.

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