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Home security IOS 14 widgets do not steal private information as it sounds

IOS 14 widgets do not steal private information as it sounds

In recent days, they are released on Internet rumors that his widgets iOS 14 can steal users' information by tracking what they type. However, this does not seem to exist and there are restrictions that can be applied to the data accessed by the widgets.


The post referring to the event has gone viral on Facebook and has also been notified to others platforms. On Twitter, one screenshot of the original post has over 7.000 retweets and 8.000 likes.

Also, another common misconception is that home screen widgets are responsible for password breaches. This is due to the fact that users iOS 14 users receive a notification notification that their passwords may be involved in a data breach.

The passwords were probably hacked before anyone even installed iOS 14. H. Apple added data breach alerts to the built-in iOS password manager as a way to keep users up to date safety of their various online accounts.

Having seen the above, many users believe that widgets contain some kind of key logger, which is not true, as it is technically impossible for widgets to access keyboard data or almost any other data about you.

Essentially, widgets run in the background, to update the display content at a predetermined interval. Once the content is up to date, the background process stops completely, ensuring that there is no way a widget is constantly collecting data.

If widgets were allowed to run continuously without restrictions, there would be not only privacy but also a dramatic effect on battery life and device performance.

The Facebook post mentions Widgetsmith as the cause of these issues, but again, there is no evidence behind these allegations. The developer of Widgetsmith, David Smith He refuted the allegations, saying he could "categorically and absolutely" state that these rumors were not true. You can find the full Widgetsmith privacy policy which explains that Widgetsmith was designed "from scratch to ensure that data they remain completely private to you ".


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