HomesecurityThe price of stolen RDP passwords is reduced

The price of stolen RDP passwords is reduced

Cybercriminals reduce the value of RDP passwords. The move shows how leaking usernames and passwords are becoming increasingly available to hackers as a means of gaining access to corporate networks - and demonstrates how "poor" passwords continue to be a scourge on corporate security.

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) allows employees to securely connect to their organization's servers remotely - a practice developed in 2020 as Employees work more and more from home. RDP is also used regularly by accounts Admin, allowing on IT teams and security to make updates and provide assistance to users.

RDP access

However, while extremely useful, an RDP account or server that is not properly protected can provide Criminals easy access to a corporate network with either stolen or easy passwords.

Armor researchers analyzed 15 different online markets in the dark web and hacking forums and found that the average price for RDP credentials dropped from $ 16 to $ 25, compared to an average of over $ 20 during 2019. Some suppliers Dark web advertise these credentials as "unhacked", claiming that they have not been used in the past.

In many cases, the reason why stolen RDP connection credentials were made available in the first place is because they are less secure as they have weak passwords as well as simple usernames like "administrator".

Intruders who purchase credentials could use logins for anything from network authentication to being used as a gateway to steal additional usernames and passwords or confidential information. They could also use RDP credentials as the first stage of a major attack malware ή ransomware.

And the way in which the cost of RDP credentials is reduced shows that the problem is getting worse, implying that prices are falling as online stores on the dark web become saturated with more and more RDPs.

It is possible that more login credentials have become available due to the increase in remote work during this year.

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