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How to change the "server region" in Discord

Discord automatically selects a server region through which it routes your voice communications. However, you may find that selecting a different server region improves the quality of voice chats, especially if you are chatting with people in other areas.

To change your server area, you must be a server administrator on your own Discord server. Everyone on the same server uses the server area for Communication. You can also change the intermediate call of the server area for direct voice chats messages, but this feature is only available in the desktop version.

Discord server region

Change Discord server area on PC or Mac

The Discord interface is identical to Windows and MacOS. So, you can follow the steps below to change the so-called server region in the Discord application or in site, regardless of platform that you have.

To do this, open Discord and visit the server. Click the down arrow next to your server at the top of the list channels on the left, then click “Server Settings”.

In the "Overview" tab, you can view various server settings, including the current server area. To change the server region, click on "Change".

A list of available locations appears in the "Select a Server Region" menu, including Europe, India and at various locations in the United States.

To improve the quality of voice chats, it may be best to choose a location that is as close to you as possible. You may need to try multiple sites to determine which one provides it better quality. Fortunately, this causes very little interruption during voice chats.

Your new server area will be applied automatically. Also, any current voice conversations will be transferred to the new region immediately.

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