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Home security United Kingdom: Cybercriminals stole 4.000.000 2019 from seniors in XNUMX

United Kingdom: Cybercriminals stole 4.000.000 2019 from seniors in XNUMX

According to the charity Age UK, cybercriminals stole over εκατο 4 million from seniors in the UK during the 2018-19 fiscal year. A Freedom of Information Request (FOI) submitted by the charity to the UK National Fraud Reporting Center "Action Fraud", showed that the police received over 4100 reports for cybercrime, by people aged 55+, between April 2018 and March 2019. It is noteworthy that cybercriminals extracted from their elderly victims more than 4 million pounds during this period. The elderly represent 19% of the total number of cybercrime victims reported during this period.

Cybercriminals carried out the attacks to unsuspecting victims by various methods such as Phishing, the scams BEC, identity theft, "fraudulent advertising" and blackmail.

cybercriminals vs seniors uk

In recent months, seniors in both the UK and other countries have been heavily targeted by scams using the pandemic as bait. COVID-19. Of the 3162 COVID-19 fraud and cybercrime cases reported to Action Fraud between March 23 and July 31, 2020, 701 involved one victim over the age of 55. The total losses for these elderly victims amounted to about εκατο 2,5 million in those four months.

The most common forms fraud related to COVID-19 included purchases of counterfeit personal protective equipment (PPE) and phishing emails supposedly coming from government and health agencies.

cybercriminals vs seniors uk

Age UK reports that cybercriminals have benefited from the growing number of addicts Internet for everyday services, such as shopping, and to stay in touch with loved ones during the lockdown, with many of them using the technology for the first time in their lives.

Caroline Abrahams, director of Age UK, noted that during the lockdown, a large percentage of people around the world, including the elderly, relied on the Internet. However, cybercriminals and fraudsters are increasingly taking advantage of the current situation, seeking to deceive the elderly in order to make big profits. Abrahams added that cybercrime is often very sophisticated and difficult to detect, so anyone can fall into the trap. Finally, Abrahams pointed out that those who are unfamiliar with the Internet and are learning to use it now, it is easier to fall into the trap of fraudsters and cybercriminals.


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