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Amazon: Data requested by the police has been published!

You no longer have to wonder what data may request the police from Amazon, as some details were made public.

Amazon: Data requested by the police has been published!

Portions of the requests made by law enforcement in Amazon are now visible to anyone on the web without the need for any connection. In particular, the information shows what officers need to make requests, but also how easy it is to make some "claims", as discovered by TechCrunch.

Police are able to request a number of sensitive details, such as the ID numbers of an order, the serial numbers of devices, payment details, or even social security numbers for delivery guides. They can also share domain names and IP addresses if they are also looking for Amazon data Web Services. However, you still can not get it access to customer data provided to the authorities or to existing requests posted on the Website.

Investigators may need links to non-urgent requests, however, they must "declare and verify" that they are officers if there is an emergency. We would not expect such widespread abuse, as you could easily face legal sanctions or other problems, but in theory it is possible to abuse the system.

According to Engadget, requests have been made for Amazon comments, but so far it has not answered any relevant questions.

Amazon: Data requested by the police has been published!

This is not the first time that the "portal" of a major technology company such as Amazon has been seen on the Internet. The parent company found that anyone with an email address could access the social media portals, Facebook.

This definitely provides information on how it works system Amazon, and raises questions about security if the public can accidentally cross the application system.