Homesecurity13-year-old arrested for hacking attacks on US schools!

13-year-old arrested for hacking attacks on US schools!

A 13-year-old high school student Benjamin Franklin was arrested in the US after allegedly carrying out hacking attacks on system computers in an Indiana school district. The 13-year-old, whose identity has not yet been revealed, was arrested after carrying out repeated hacking attacks on schools in the Valparaiso community of the USA.

School officials reported regular attacks on the systems e-learning of the region, which resulted in the interruption of teaching and the "disconnection" of students from the Interactive their classrooms.

Police confirmed on September 18 that they had detained the 13-year-old on September 17 after school officials discovered he had entered the system illegally. computers of the community of Valparaiso. Valparaiso police chief Joe Hall said the boy was believed to be behind a series of hacking attacks that have affected schools in the area since its pandemic COVID-19 pushed schools and universities many countries to switch to e-learning.

13-year-old hacking attacks -US schools

The accused was taken to Porter County Juvenile Detention Center, where he was charged under a new felony with committing a crime against computer users. The law, Indiana Code 35-32-1-8, concerns a level 6 felony.

In addition, Michael Berta, the school's interim inspector, said no evidence was found that the boy had accomplices in the hacking attacks. Berta pointed out that the man behind her disorder operation of e-learning programs, introduced in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19, has made the current situation even more difficult. He added that after the arrest of the boy, the holidays in e-learning programs they stopped.

13-year-old hacking attacks -US schools-e learning

The parents were informed by Valparaiso administrators that the school district had worked with police and judicial authorities to identify the perpetrators behind the attacks, which they described as "deliberate and malicious crimes".

Following the recruitment of experts to combat hacking attacks, the region is now exploring ways to strengthen cyber defenses to prevent similar future attacks.

Finally, it is worth noting that about 23% of students in the area participate in the selection remote learning.

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