HomesecurityA strong DDoS attack hit Hungarian banks and telecommunications companies

A strong DDoS attack hit Hungarian banks and telecommunications companies

Hungarian banks and telecommunications companies have seen their services disrupted following a strong DDoS attack last Thursday. According to the Hungarian telecommunications company Magyar Telekom, the attack was executed by servers computers located in Russia, The China and Vietnam.

DDoS attack on banks and telecommunications companies in Hungary

What do we mean by "DDoS attack"?

DDos, or distributed denial-of-service, is an attack on a computer or network that prevents users from accessing access in the resources of a system, while hackers try to load a network with unusually high traffic volumes data, aiming at its "collapse". This is a species attack which is crowned with success when coordinated by botnets, making its power even greater.

DDos attacks are one of the 5 most dangerous types of cyber attacks, because in order to succeed completely, the attacker must have under his control a computer network, which is called zombie net or botnet. In order to become zombies they must be infected with a virus, such as Trojans, and become bots - zombies.

When the attacker finds his target, all the computers under his control are turned on. hacker, and all together as a network, simultaneously overload with high bandwidth connections a web page, with the result that the server can not withstand so many connections and thus, "falls" and becomes unavailable.

DDoS attack on banks and telecommunications companies in Hungary

As reported by Magyar Telekom, the volume of data traffic in this particular DDoS attack was 10 times larger than the volume typically observed in DDoS attack cases. This led the company to conclude that This is one of the largest hacking attacks in Hungary to date, taking into account both its size and complexity.

Hackers from Russia, China and Vietnam have launched a DDoS attack targeting Hungarian banks and telecommunications companies, as well as trying to crack down on Magyar Telekom networks.

The attack, which took place in several "waves", interrupted the services of some banks in the country and caused interruptions in the operation of Magyar Telekom services in some parts of the capital Budapest, before the company repulsed the attack.

The Hungarian bank "OTP Bank" confirmed that it has been affected by the attack. Specifically, the bank said that on Thursday DDoS attacked telecommunication systems serving some of the banking services. However, as the bank pointed out, it managed to repel the hackers' attempt in cooperation with Telekom, which was also affected. Thus, the short break in some of its services ended on Thursday afternoon.

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