HomesecurityThunderX ransomware: Its victims can recover their files for free

ThunderX ransomware: Its victims can recover their files for free

The Dutch cybersecurity company "Tesorion" released a free one decryptor which makes it possible for victims of ThunderX ransomware to recover files their. ThunderX is a ransomware that recently appeared in the threat landscape, with its activity being detected at the end of last August. According to BleepingComputer, Tesorion security researchers this week developed a ransomware for ransomware, after discovering a error In the process of encryption implemented by the team behind ransomware. This decryptor can recover free files encrypted from the current one version of ThunderX ransomware that attaches the extension .tx_locked in the file name of the decrypted files.


To recover their files, ThunderX ransomware victims will need to upload a copy of the ransom note readme.txt and an encrypted file, to obtain an encryption key.

In addition, to recover their files, they can download the decryptor from its site NoMoreRansom project which has already helped the victims of many ransomware to "save" more than a hundred million intended for ransom.

Once they have the ransom note and the encrypted files, the victims should download and run the decoder developed by Tesorion's researchers for the ThunderX ransomware. Next, they need to license and see the following:


Then click on File> Open and select the ransom note readme.txt. Then press "Mission" to upload the ransom note to Tesorion. They will now be prompted to upload an encrypted file. They should follow them instructions and upload a file PPTX, DOCX, XLSX or ZIP.

Once the files are sent, the servers Tesorion will try to determine key to decrypt the victims of ThunderX ransomware. This process can take a long time.


When they are finished, an encryption key will be automatically downloaded to the decryptor and they will be asked to select a envelope for decryption.

decryption for ThunderX ransomware-process

To select a folder, they must click the radio button and select the drive of a drive (C:, D :, etc.) or a specific folder.

Then press the button "Decryption" to decrypt all files in this folder and its subfolders.

decryption for ThunderX ransomware-process

When the decryption process is complete, the decryptor will display a summary of the files that were successfully recovered, as well as those that failed to be recovered.

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