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Software developers were very productive during the pandemic

The productivity of most software development teams increased during the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, according to a new study. But if you are one of the software developers in the market you probably already know that.

During the crisis, the productivity of the software teams was kept very high flat. The survey, conducted by the Accelerated Strategies Group (ASG) for CloudBees, states that the majority, 59 percent, said that software groups are "significantly or somewhat more productive" than before the crisis and 43% states that it has become somewhat easier to complete them work them in time.

software developers
Software developers were very productive during the pandemic

ASG data showed that software teams work more closely with product management, project management, operations and security. In addition, 61 percent of IT admins worked more easily in different time zones, with 40 percent indicating that it is easier to work with executives in different time zones continents and 37 percent of respondents noted that it was easier to use the flexible part of personal time to achieve their goals.

This is probably not a surprise to experienced software professionals. Global organizations of remote, web developers have been operating remotely for at least three decades on everything from operating systems to corporate ERP solutions. In fact, these organizations they operated completely remotely and effectively from the first day they opened.


In the age of teleworking, does it still matter where the companies are? The most advanced applications, such as Artificial Intelligence, is a job that does not require employees to be in one of the offices. An IT professional at Ινδονησία can do just as good a job as one in the country where any company is located.

ASG research also shows that the majority of operational (63%) intensified the tries for digital transformation. Other priorities, such as business automation (62%) and the need to invest in creation contactless services (60%) have increased.

ASG 's research also showed changing priorities that emerged as a result of the conditions created by Covid-19. The majority of IT managers, 52 percent, say they have increased their focus on DevOps initiatives. Another 52% were transferred to cloud service providers (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform). Teamwork also prevailed through the crisis, with 46% saying they use multi-functional groups, while 56% doing daily remote meetings. 43% have also increased the automation of their work.

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