HomesecurityError in iOS 14 fixed by Apple

Error in iOS 14 fixed by Apple

An annoying error, which restores the default applications after its restart device in the new iOS 14 (14.0.1), has been repaired by Apple in its latest update.

iOS 14

This year’s iOS 14 update now allows you to set email and third-party browsers as default apps in iPhone. Unfortunately, when the user restarts their device, the default applications return to the applications Safari and Apple Mail.

The same problem was found on iPad devices, but it has been addressed there as well iPadOS 14.0.1.

It has been more than ten years since the release of the first iPhone model, but all these years Apple has not allowed the use of third-party applications as default on the iPhone and iPad until now. On the contrary, his great opponent, the Android, which is known for its extensive customization capabilities, has long allowed default third-party applications.

However, with the advent of iOS 14, Apple realized that it was time to relax a bit. This is why the company has added more customization features to iOS 14 and allows users to place widgets on the home screen. Apple fans can now use the Picture in Picture feature on their iPhone.

Without a doubt, the new operating system brings a whole new perspective to the way people use Apple smartphones. In addition to the error that resets to default in iOS 14, Apple has also fixed other things, including errors that could cause problems logging in to WiFi, prevent images from appearing in the news widget, and prevent camera previews from appearing in iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

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