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Microsoft Stream Users: Get ready for migration (again)

At this week's Ignite 2020 IT Pro conference, Microsoft representatives announced plans to rebuild Stream video service, making it the default video platform for all Microsoft 365 applications. Microsoft plans to relocate customers of its current service Microsoft Stream in the new Stream.

Microsoft launched the Stream video app in 2017, replacing the Office 365 video service. Stream is the service for creating, uploading, sharing, managing, and viewing corporate videos. In recent months, the use of Stream has really taken off. This is the result of remote work and distance learning due to the pandemic.

Microsoft Stream

However, there have been many restrictions around the current Microsoft Stream, Microsoft representatives at Ignite have admitted. The current Stream service is not consistent with the rest of Microsoft 365 in terms of architecture, channels, royalties, governance, common use and their access of visitors. Stream currently feeds videos uploaded to Stream, but not the rest of Microsoft 365, such as SharePointThe Teams and Office. Stream is basically a silent product / service.

Microsoft's new plan for Stream is to make it the core video platform for all videos in Microsoft 365, whether these videos were created / viewed on Teams, SharePoint, Yammer or otherwise application. The new Stream will use SharePoint and OneDrive to store and manage all videos. Users will be able to create their own branded video portals in the new Stream or customize and integrate the video with their own intranets.

In the context of the new strategy Microsoft is also developing a new Stream web application that will be integrated into, the representatives said.

Before the end of this calendar year, Microsoft will deliver some of the pieces of the new map course of the service. Teams Meeting recordings will be stored on OneDrive and SharePoint starting in Q4. The new Stream web application is likely to be released in the 2nd quarter of 2021.

Officials said they did not yet have a detailed migration schedule or expiration date for support for the existing Stream service. However, they stressed that the migration will happen gradually, so the users they do not have to worry.


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