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Home security Do menstruation monitoring apps violate privacy?

Do menstruation monitoring apps violate privacy?

An estimated 50 million women around the world use apps that help them monitor their menstrual cycle or even calculate their fertile days when trying to conceive. Some of them provide other information, such as the ability to monitor for any abnormalities or hormonal disorders. However, how confident can they be users that the personal information shared with these apps is secure?


When we start using a menstrual monitoring application, information such as name, age, sexual orientation, etc. are often requested. Some applications They can also ask more personal questions such as whether a woman is trying to have a child.

According to a recent study, some of the most popular period tracking apps report data health of their users to commercial companies for targeted advertising. Health researchers can also benefit from this data without obtaining user consent.

Period tracking apps MIA Fem and Maya, which are among the most popular among women, have shared their personal information, related to gynecological issues of their users in general.

The information is mainly communicated to Facebook using the SDK. This allows developers applications include specific features and collect specific data.

Many companies use these applications to track their employees and their future family planning. This extreme measure can discriminate against women whose personal information has been disclosed to the company.

In addition, many women commented that menstrual tracking apps were mostly unsuccessful in monitoring a pregnancy and other activities. This has resulted in the provision of incorrect information from time to time.

So the truth is, personal information does not remain private when given to applications related to health. Users can control what information an application requests access to before downloading it. Also a brief survey on Internet, about an application can inform the user about the privacy policy of an application or whether there have been cases of data leakage in the past.


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