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Google: Will help employees pay off student loans!

Google, famous for the benefits it offers to employees now gives them the opportunity to pay off student loans.

Google employees are accustomed to having rich privileges. In periods before pandemic, people in her offices could benefit from It's free meals and gyms on site. On Thursday, the company said it would offer another job benefit: a program repayment of student loans.

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Google: It will help employees to repay student loans!

Specifically, Google said it would make up to $ 2.500 a year in student loan payments for individual employees. The program will begin in January for full - time employees at USA.

Companies like Hulu and Estée Lauder They also have the privilege of repaying student loans.

Google said the program will be extended to full-time employees around the world as the company gathers debt information for its employees in other countries.

"Given the size of the student debt on USA, this is a crisis. We wanted to start from there, " said about student loans, in an interview John Casey, head of global services Google.

Americans owe more than $ 1,5 trillion in student loans, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Among recent graduates in the US, the average per person exceeds $ 30.000, says US News and World Report.

Google: Will help employees pay off student loans!

Google's policy comes as companies begin to use student loan repayment plans to attract new talent and keep current employees happy.

The new franchise could also be a way for Google to entice employees after a few tumultuous years and tackling conflicts. Google has experienced staff-related disruptions related to its work on China, contracts with the military and handling allegations of sexual harassment by senior officials.