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Hacker claims to have leaked Windows XP source code

Windows XP

It is said that the source code for Windows XP SP1 and other versions of the operating system have been leaked to Internet. One person claims that it took about two months to create a leaked Windows source code collection. Now, the hacker has released a 43 GB torrent with its entire collection.

source code

This torrent is said to contain the source code for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, as well as the code for many other versions:

  • MS DOS 3.30
  • MS DOS 6.0
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows CE 3
  • Windows CE 4
  • Windows CE 5
  • Embedded Windows 7
  • Windows Embedded CE
  • Windows NT 3.5
  • Windows NT 4

The torrent also includes a folder that contains video with conspiracy theories about Bill Gates and a smaller 7 GB 2,9zip file containing only source code of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

The person who made the leak said that the source code of Windows XP had been circulating for many years in the hands of hackers, but it is the first time it is exposed in public.

The BleepingComputer saw the code and has contacted Microsoft to confirm if it is indeed the source code of Windows XP.

The leakage source code raises security issues?

Windows XP was released almost 20 years ago, but if part of the code is still used in modern versions of Windows, then leakage she raises many issues security.

The source code is essentially instructions (read by humans) that tell the computer how to run one program. This source code is then converted to binary executable format which can be executed by computer.

With the source code, anyone could see internal functions of the Windows operating system. For example, if errors are detected in the source code of Windows XP and the code is still in use in Windows 10, Criminals of cyberspace could use the error to affect modern versions.


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