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Facebook: Eliminates other accounts for Russian propaganda

Facebook revealed one more network fake accounts, which appeared to be linked to its intelligence services Ρωσίας. As with another recent research, social media reports that fake accounts tricked real journalists into writing articles about them, pretending to be editors and media players.

Facebook: Eliminates other accounts for Russian propaganda

Facebook revealed the abolitions, saying that the fake accounts had gained about 59.000 followers on its platform and 2.000 on Instagram. The head of the company for cyber security policy, Nathaniel Gleicher, said the accounts could also have been used in the "hack-and-leak operations" used by Russia in 2016.

«Although we have not seen the networks we removed today participate in these efforts or directly target the elections of the USA 2020, are linked to factors related to past interventions in the US, including those involved in the 2016 "DC leaks"", Wrote Gleicher.

"These fake people pretended to be the authors and researchers, and they published articles for websites. The network reported mainly in Russian and English on news and current affairs, including protests and elections in Belarus, Russian and Ukrainian politics, geopolitical conspiracies, Russia-NATO relations, Russia's relations with neighboring countries, and foreign policy criticism. US, socio-economic issues in the US and US political candidates on both sides of the political spectrum. "

Facebook: Eliminates other accounts for Russian propaganda

This is not the first time Facebook has said it has found fake accounts linked to Russian government agencies. Earlier this month, as we have mentioned, the company recorded some accounts linked to Internet Research Organization of Russia, which successfully tricked U.S. journalists into writing articles for a site called PeaceData.

Recent Facebook deletions have also hit Russian-linked account networks targeting Turkey, Syria, Ukraine and other European countries.