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The new Windows 10 beta adds Skype "Meet Now" to the taskbar

Microsoft has released another new trial version of Windows 10 to Insiders on the Dev Channel. Windows 10 Build 20221, released on September 23, has a Skype Meet Now button available on the Windows 10 taskbar.

Microsoft already announced the Meet Now feature on Skype earlier this year. But bringing the icon for it in the area of notifications (system tray) of the taskbar in Windows 10, Microsoft is trying to make it easier for them users to make their video calls quickly without being required enrollment ή λήψη of Skype. Yes, obviously this is meant to help Microsoft fight its growing popularity Zoom.

Windows 10 Skype

Microsoft officials said that this mode will be released today only on a subset of Windows Insiders located on Dev Channel, but will be gradually available to everyone on Dev Channel.

Microsoft has made a number of fixes to the update capabilities of Windows 10 of the Dev channel with version 20221, which she mentions in her blog post about the new version. There is also a list of known issues.

In related news, the Microsoft adds a new feature to the "Your Phone" application, which allows users place important alerts at the top of the alert flow. Officials said that this mode will be available gradually in a few days to all users of the application "Your Phone".


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