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LinkedIn: Half of users do not update their profile

If you are looking for a job, you will know that many employers use LinkedIn to approach or check on candidates before calling them for an interview, so your outdated information on the platform could be what will not secure your next job.

LinkedIn acquired by Microsoft in 2016 at an impressive cost of $ 26,2 billion dollars and has steady growth every year. Obviously it has great value to job seekers.


But updating information is often a hassle. Often job seekers have to keep the classic version of their CV, as well as to manage their presence on LinkedIn, constantly updating both.

Resume Lab asked 1.001 employees at USA wanting to know how often Americans update their LinkedIn and resumes during duration of the pandemic?

The survey revealed that almost all (99,1%) of respondents have a CV, but only two in three (65,1%) have a LinkedIn profile.

Employees whose salaries were the highest ($ 80.000 or more) reported updating their LinkedIn profiles more often in the last year.

Managers report that they update their LinkedIn profiles more often than their traditional resumes (3,6 times a year compared to 3,4 times a year for their traditional resume).

And managers update their CVs more often than people in non-administrative positions who update their LinkedIn profiles only 2,2 times a year and traditional CVs 2,5 times a year.

Although 54,3% of people said they had updated their CV in the last three months, 45,4% said they had not updated their resume. information on LinkedIn and 33,3% that they have not updated resume of.

More than 50% said the reason it was not updated was specifically due to the pandemic.

If two out of three Americans are actively looking for work, why do they have so much outdated information on their LinkedIn profiles?

There are many strategies that can be used to improve your resume. You can customize the CV to any job application that 46,3% of respondents reported what they did.

Alternatively, you can optimize your profile formatting or hire a professional to help you with your resume. You can also add graphs or charts to your resume, which helps a lot.

But does LinkedIn really help you get a new position? A quick poll showed that almost no one had been approached for work through LinkedIn. Most simply reported being bombed by friend requests by people they did not know.

So it seems that the traditional CV and old-fashioned networking will ensure you more success than an outdated LinkedIn profile.


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